------------------------------ Our Registration : Society Registration Act 1973, FCRA, 12A, 80G ------------------------------

Our Strategy

ASRA has a set of well-defined strategy and approaches for implementing development interventions. They are....
arrow_sbconsultancy Building development programs and projects on local knowledge, practices and beliefs.
arrow_sbconsultancy Practicing comprehensive approach for every development initiative, this must be followed by appropriate analysis and thorough study of the needs or conditions.
arrow_sbconsultancy Fostering partnership with village institutions as well as Panchayati Raj Institutions.
arrow_sbconsultancy Mobilizing community contribution for participatory development process.
arrow_sbconsultancy Strengthening network of village institutions for grassroots democracy
arrow_sbconsultancy Advocating people’s right of equal benefits
arrow_sbconsultancy Giving priority to gender based livelihood interventions
arrow_sbconsultancy Strengthening collaboration with Government and technical as well research institutions

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