------------------------------ Our Registration : Society Registration Act 1973, FCRA, 12A, 80G ------------------------------

Our Goal

To support the developmental activities through innovative means that’s help the nation to be the great socio economy power of the world.

The mission of " aiming to bridge the distance between people by providing opportunities to individuals to influence positive social change through an exchange of ideas, knowledge, skills and learning by facilitating volunteering in India‘s social development sector "

ASRA has its registered office in Moti bungalow colony of Dewas district HQ of Madhya Pradesh. The organization primarily works in 9 Districts of Madhya Pradesh namely; Dewas, Indore, Ujjain, Shajapur, Ratlam, Mandsor, Nimuch, Guna, Dhar.

ASRA operates its activities through field training centers located at Kannod , Khategaon of Dewas District, Sabakheda of Mandsor Dist., Bajna of Ratlam Dist., Ruthyai of Guna Dist.

Maximum project of the organization operates by head office and main branch Office Dewas MP. Altogether ASRA has spread its activities in more than 140 villages beneficial influence about 5400 families or some 27000 beneficiaries. Amongst these families major groups are of small and marginalized farmers and are economically and socially disadvantaged. With these groups ASRA is operating variety of development interventions in the field of livelihood promotion, MFI, education, community health care, women empowerment, environment protection, CSR initiative, Prevention of Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS etc.

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