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Skill Development Programme


The provision of gainful employment to all youths is a matter of concern to all-planners, policy makers, economists, social scientists, politicians & organizations / institutions associated with social welfare, education etc. This problem is worse for educated unemployed who are only thinking of employment in non-technical, unskilled areas as the only source for their lively wood.

The existing human resource development institutions offer a curriculum that lacks market orientated skill development. There is a huge gap in the required and existing skills/education of the youth so there are fewer opportunities for them and employability is low. Emerging new employment opportunities offered by other secondary and tertiary sectors can bridge this gap and increase the employment opportunities by market-oriented training.

Whereas it has been the concern of all development agencies involved in developing better livelihood options to develop the human resource by way of imparting training as per the existing demand or various industries and organization and create avenues for suitable livelihoods and expanding universe of knowledge to produce world class workforce. Apart from this, there are large numbers of workers who acquire skills either through family tradition or by virtue of being in employment for long periods.

Their skills, however, are not tested and certified. Thus, a system of certification of such skills is required to be evolved to give recognition to their skills acquired through informal training mode.

To fulfill these objectives, ASRA proposes to start training courses in various sectors as per existing demand of industries and organization by providing education/ training and certification of human resources of the state for the development of its economy.

Our core programme in Skill Development

Artisans Development
To revitalize the potters cluster by providing proposed inputs for alleviate poverty to achieve a sustainable economic development.
arrow_sbconsultancy Enhance their quality of life of the artisans by raising their average family income
arrow_sbconsultancy To introduce more advance technology for up gradation in existing practices.
arrow_sbconsultancy To elevate degree of self-reliance and confidence among artisans by organizing them into groups / Cluster.
arrow_sbconsultancy Upgrading their present skills, which will in turn help them to produce quality products and also diversify their business.
arrow_sbconsultancy Exploring the local market and earn profits.
arrow_sbconsultancy Create platform to participate in various level fairs, exhibitions, craft festivals, etc.
arrow_sbconsultancy To provide new tools and techniques for bulk and quality production to cope with market demand.

Program for creation of gainful employment of rural BPL youth -

The Mission of the livelihood program is to reduce poverty among rural BPL through promotion of diversified and gainful self-employment and wage employment opportunities to provide appreciable increase in income on sustainable basis. In the long run, it will ensure broad based inclusive growth and reduce disparities by spreading out the benefits from the islands of growth across the regions, sectors and communities.

The main objectives of organizing these training programmes, is to identify, select, motivate, train and support participants for undertaking skill based activities in different sectors pertaining to urban & rural related activities and thereby providing gainful employment to the unemployed youth. This effort is likely to contribute to the broadening of the skilled human resource base required to cater the emerging need of skilled human resource in the market.
arrow_sbconsultancy The program has twin objectives: To meet the skill requirements of the apparel industry and in the process enable rural poverty alleviation.
arrow_sbconsultancy To begin with, a one-month industrial sewing machine operator program will be conducted, through which 30,000 rural BPL youth in India will be trained and placed in the Industry, with part funding by the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India

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