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A person's livelihood refers to " means of securing the necessities of life ".

In social the concept of livelihood extends to include social and cultural means, i.e. "the command an individual, family, or other social group has over an income and/or bundles of resources that can be used or exchanged to satisfy its needs. This may involve information, cultural knowledge, social networks and legal rights as well as tools, land and other physical resources." A livelihood is a set of economic activities that involve self-employment and/or wage-employment. A livelihood is not only for generating income, it also encompasses empowerment and the dignity of people’s lives. Therefore, according to the ASRA, livelihood promotion is not only based on the principles of economic growth, but also on equity and human rights.

Traditionally the solution to the problems of poverty was conceived as an increase in income levels through the generation of employment. However this vision has changed in the last one decade. This shows how it is possible to promote livelihoods as a means for poverty reduction.

Some of the other Principles that guide ASRA work are:

arrow_sbconsultancy The poor can identify and prioritize their issues and problems.
arrow_sbconsultancy Local and grassroots level work is affected by state and national policies; People’s Organizations and groups, and the ASRA Team, must have an understanding of the effect on micro situations of macro level realities, and work to change those too.
arrow_sbconsultancy The role of the NGO is not “to parallel the government “ – the government should run Their facilities and schemes, and one of the roles of the NGO is to help People to access the government resources, and to monitor the services and schemes.
arrow_sbconsultancy Women’s participation in development and change activities is absolutely necessary, and unless a special effort is made to include women, women’s participation will be negligible.
arrow_sbconsultancy Learn with the people in one place, and, when some strategy has been worked out that helps to solve some problems, then, with the leaders who have come up in process, go to other places where people face similar problems, and in this way, issue-wise and with-the-people, expand the work.

ASRA Strategy - Field Work the Base -

In the beginning, the ASRA Team knew that a “ bottom up” strategy meant doing a solid piece of fieldwork, and getting involved with the lives of people. We selected the major portion of one area district and began the work of organizing, training and empowerment of the people. The fieldwork strategy has evolved to one, which helps people to become organized, and aware to work on the problems they face, through a combined strategy of struggle and constructive action.

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