------------------------------ Our Registration : Society Registration Act 1973, FCRA, 12A, 80G ------------------------------

Key Persons of Organization

Mr. Suraj Nagar

arrow_sbconsultancy Advisor – Water Shed Projects
arrow_sbconsultancy BSC, B.E( Civil)
arrow_sbconsultancy Retd as Divisional Officer
arrow_sbconsultancy Dep of Irrigation divisions, Indira Sagar Canal Cirle, Tillar Canal Devision, Rajiv Gandhi Jal Grahan Division., Water resources division ( GOVT. of M.P.)

Competency Area:

arrow_sbconsultancy Survey design , drawing and estimation of irrigation tanks namely Deory, Deopur and Amanpur
arrow_sbconsultancy Analysis and updating of hydrological data of major projects
arrow_sbconsultancy Construction of Main R.B.C., Distributory, Minors, Sub minors and water courses along with their structures, checking of designs, drawing and estimates of canals and their structions submitted by divisional offices and other technical matters such as tender documents , analysis of rates quoted by tenderers, analysis of rates of excess quality executed by the contractors.

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