------------------------------ Our Registration : Society Registration Act 1973, FCRA, 12A, 80G ------------------------------

Infrastructure of ASRA

Office Setup -

ASRA has been infrastructure including one conference halls, one syndicate room, library, computer lab, staff room / office, etc. ASRA has adequate UPS backup and a DG set for emergency use.

Computer Labs -

There is a Computer Labs connected with LAN and with advanced software’s for better practical approach.

Conference Halls -

Conference halls cooled and equipped with- LCD / Multimedia Projectors OHPs / Slide Projectors TV / VCR

Recreation Hall and Hostel Facility -

ASRA has hostel facility for faculty and participants with boarding and other recreation facilities are available in our training center.

Training Infrastructure -

ASRA Training Center located in Dewas City, easily accessible and the best in Dewas. We have well equipped Training Infrastructure which will be available on Rent/Hire for both short and long term basis and can accommodate over 100 Participants at a time in three training centers. We have classrooms of various seating capacities ranging from 20 seated to 50 seated with complete classroom facilities like branded systems, Internet LCD projectors, Wireless Collar mikes etc. All the classrooms are completely equipped with latest Training Infrastructure.
arow_sbconsultancy Standards and have general amenities like large catering facilities
arow_sbconsultancy Conference- Room
arow_sbconsultancy Ample parking Space around the campus
arow_sbconsultancy LAN and All Terminals are LAN Connected
arow_sbconsultancy Systems - Every classroom is equipped machine
arow_sbconsultancy All Desktops are Dual Core / Core2 Duo with 2 GB RAM, 160 GB HDD, 15" TFT Monitor etc and are branded machines - Acer and HCL.
arow_sbconsultancy Standards and have general amenities like large catering facilities

Software -

The Operating System, Application software and Office utility tools are installed in the system as per the requirements of the customer along with Anti-Virus.

Projector -

arow_sbconsultancy Projectors, Ceiling mount, Zoom able in each classroom.
arow_sbconsultancy Internet Facility for each trainee
arow_sbconsultancy Classroom Board
arow_sbconsultancy Whiteboard (non – reflective) with marker.
arow_sbconsultancy Seating (on comfortable mattress and chair seating )
arow_sbconsultancy Public Address System
arow_sbconsultancy Wireless collar mike with speakers are available in the classrooms with seating capacity of 30 and above
arow_sbconsultancy All Classrooms are equipped with Cooling

General Amenities -

arow_sbconsultancy Cafeteria
arow_sbconsultancy Drinking Water- Purified mineral water is made available on each floor all the time.
arow_sbconsultancy Conference Room - 12 seating capacity with oval shape table.
arow_sbconsultancy Toilets – 15 and bathroom - 15
arow_sbconsultancy Separate functioning toilets for Men and Women on each floor.
arow_sbconsultancy Parking
arow_sbconsultancy Generator

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