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Prevention of TB

While the challenges of TB care and control are multidimensional, it is important to strengthen the community response and make the community voice heard against the threatening TB epidemic of the country through meaningful and effective participation of the CBOs/CSOs. With the shift to universal access of TB care, the role of CBOs/CSOs will become more critical in terms of consolidating and scaling up those key community linkages with the essential services, especially in the underserved, difficult-toreach areas and with marginalized, criminalized and migrated population groups across the country. There is also huge task and challenge to link the non-formal and private healthcare providers effectively to the National TB Program.

ASRA begin AXSHYA INDIA TB PROJECT from Nov. 2010 in Districts of Dhar and Mandsour with Care India, District Indore with Voluntary Health Association of India and district Dewas with Catholic Health Association of India. The basic motive behind this projects is that TB prevention with support of rural health care provider (RHCP), ASHA worker, AWW . We have conducted 15 trainings of RHCP in block and District level. We have a directory of rural health service provider (Govt/Private sector) at PHC/CHC/DH level. ASRA has developed intensive influence in these Districts in area under TB prevention and RNTCP. Also these areas developed good rapport with the community and they are start help for best implementation of this programme as well.

ASRA Has been worked with the support of many organization for full fill the gaps between PLHIV and community and prevent peoples.

Akshya India TB Project - Global Fund Round 9 TB Project

Objective -
a) Aware/to understand the risks of tuberculosis and the benefits of testing and/or following through on appropriate treatment.
b) Convincing people who have TB that taking their medicine is the only way to Get well and not spread the disease to others.
c) To establish/develop linkages with different government and non-government Agencies for care and support.

Role of ASRA
The ASRA component endeavors to address challenges in programme implementation and access to quality TB care. The project specifically addresses three areas in ACSM identified by the Central TB Division (CTD) for strengthening
arrow_sbconsultancy High-level advocacy for political and administrative support
arrow_sbconsultancy Implementation of the ACSM strategy at the state and district levels
arrow_sbconsultancy Social mobilization

Involvement of civil society will primarily aim at -
1. Strengthening engagement of non-programme providers and communities,
2. Complement programme efforts in human resource development,
3. Supervision and monitoring
4. Access to diagnostics
5. Increased commitment to DR-TB and TB-HIV from all levels,
6. Enhancing engagement of community-based ASHAs (Accredited Social Health Activists)
7. Engage more providers in RNTCP’s revised schemes
8. Some exemplary awareness raising efforts.

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