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Education Programme

The importance of Education cannot be overemphasized for a nation like ours, which is home to about
1/3rd of the world's illiterates.

Why ASRA -

Increased school enrollment, retention and promotion of children in the age group of 6 to 14 years.
It is a logical link that if a child is out of school, he/ she is likely to be subjected to child labor and related perils. Therefore it is proposed to have this strategic objective which not only lays the emphasis on increased enrollment but also better retention and promotion of target group in the schools. This objective is expected to cater to the project goal at the micro level. The high drop out rates from schools is becoming an issue of concern and is indeed a challenge to retain students. Besides exercising the right to education and making it universally accessible for all children of the target area will not only improve the condition of children across the state but will also train the children to lead an oriented life. A conducive environment will be built for the children and opportunities will be available to acquire The result of the objective as foreseen is: ‘The mobilized community realizes the importance of education for children. Children are prepared to enter mainstream school.

Children in the age group of 6 to 14 years receive informal and quality education.
The reason of high turnover from schools is the low quality of education offered in most of the schools, especially Government schools. There are a plethora of issues, which deter children from going to school, apart from the economic compulsions that force them to work. Access issues, affordability issues, socio-economic stratification and gender dimensions operate at the client side but the supply side is responsible for the low quality of education. Almost, a quarter of children aged between 6-10 years old are not attending school in Rajasthan. Irregular staff, monotonous style of teaching, poor infrastructure make schools least attractive due to which many children drop out before they complete primary education. Lack of or dysfunctional state of basic amenities in many schools like playgrounds, toilets, drinking water facility, teaching aids, kits and libraries are some other factors leading to the increase in drop-out rates and frequent ill-health of children thereby affecting the enrollment and retention of students, especially girls. Thus, stress on quality education is imperative to encourage children from joining and remaining in schools. Ensuring quality education would obliterate the problem of non-willingness on behalf of the children to go to school.

In order to address the problem identified in the targeted area, it is proposed to undertake a project with the ultimate goal of ‘protecting the right to education of children from deprived and vulnerable communities in MP.

arrow_sbconsultancy Baseline survey
arrow_sbconsultancy Community Mobilization
arrow_sbconsultancy Group formation
arrow_sbconsultancy Awareness program
arrow_sbconsultancy Entry point activities
arrow_sbconsultancy Enrollment drives
arrow_sbconsultancy Night School {Masti ki pathshala}
arrow_sbconsultancy Building rapport with the schools in the locality
arrow_sbconsultancy Training of teachers
arrow_sbconsultancy Networking with the allied government department
arrow_sbconsultancy Formation of peer groups
arrow_sbconsultancy Cultural Programme
arrow_sbconsultancy Sports activities
arrow_sbconsultancy Survey work of dropout students for the District Education department Dewas in all blocks, 3000 students were interviewed.
arrow_sbconsultancy Teachers Training has been given to teachers which was sponsored by District Education department Dewas.
arrow_sbconsultancy Distribution of teaching and reading material to the economically poor students.
arrow_sbconsultancy IEC activities like Skit plays, video shows, rallies, etc have been conducted to raise the awareness among rural communities as well as slums in regards to education
arrow_sbconsultancy Masti KI Pathshala-: With the support of TATA CSR fund & self Asra runs an evening Class open for all the students who registerd in the gov. school but there attendance is very low in the class.Asra organized the children, motivated them & has started the classes.

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